Virtual Engagement and Resources

Despite the stand-down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Canadian Cadet Organization and 779 Squadron are continuing to provide fun, exciting and challenging content for the cadets and staff.  This page is designed to amalgamate some of that content for easy viewing and access, and will be updated as new content becomes available.


Although we are isolated, we are not alone.  There are many resources available to help ensure our mental and physical well-being. Resources and Contacts

Microsoft Teams

779 Squadron uses the Microsoft Teams platform to deliver training remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Training is delivered Tuesday nights.  Questions can be directed to


Due to Covid we have special procedures if you need uniform parts.   for details Uniforms Special instructions during Covid Restrictions

Virtual Cadet Training Centres

A nationally coordinated Virtual CTC program has been created.  Cadets may register for courses on a first come, first serve basis.  Registration starts at 1100 on Monday, June 29, 2020.  Here are links to the Virtual CTC Joining Instructions and the Virtual CTC Course Catalogue.

Extranet Portal – Cadet Activities

There are many Do-It-Yourself activities in the Cadet Portal which are able to be completed individually and at your own pace.  You will need to create a login to access the material, but it’s a quick and simple process.

Extranet Portal – Leader Activities

This portal is designed for Staff Cadets and offers leadership and development activities.

Facebook Page – Cadet Learning

This Facebook page is designed to share the latest news on the activities available on extranet and maximize participation. On this page, surveys are also posted online to find out what cadets think about their favourite activities.   Throughout the summer, the page will follow cadet summer training as a CTC page would.
Also don’t forget to check out additional historical and education materials hosted on the Cadets Canada website.