Top Bandsman Award

This trophy is awarded annually to the Band Cadet who demonstrates excellence in the many facets of Cadet Military Band service.  The Cadet who receives this award is an enthusiastic all-round Cadet who is actively involved in many facets of Cadet life, demonstrating exemplary Drill, Deportment, dependability, and responsibility.  The Cadet is an excellent musician and a proficient instrumentalist and displays an excellent knowledge of the traditions, conventions, and practices of Canadian and British military bands and their music.  This Cadet offers high calibre instruction and is an example to fellow Band Cadets complemented by excellent leadership skills and sound judgement.  Actively pursuing a Cadet career, the Cadet is taking advantage of a wide range of training opportunities and activities which will lead to promotion through the ranks.

This Cadet has earned the admiration and respect of many other Cadets, within and outside of the band.