Joining Instructions

If you are ready to become a Black Knight Air Cadet, follow the steps below:

Due to Covid we aks that you get on the list to get more info. Please use the app on

  1. Attend an Information or Recruiting Session to learn what exactly we do.  We do this once in the fall and once in the spring.  For now these are virtual sessions. 
  2. Visit the Squadron on a Regular Training Night (Tuesday Evenings, 18:20 – 21:30)Temporarily suspended due to Covoid
  3. Take a tour of the Squadron  Temporarily suspended due to Covoid
  4. Complete the Application Package provided by the Administration Officer
  5. Return the completed Application Package

Note: It is required that you bring the following items with you when applying; Health Card, Birth Certificate, Driver License* or Passport*

Items marked with an asterisk (*) only apply if you possess those items – disregard if you do not possess items marked with an asterisk (*).