Q – Does it cost money to be a cadet?
NO! Anyone between the ages of 12-18 can become a 779 Air Cadet at no cost.  This includes Uniform, Survival Training Exercises, Participation in Teams, Instrument Use, Ground School, Summer Courses and more!  Families are expected to assist with the limited fundraising organized by the SSC.

Q – Do I have an obligation to join the Canadian Armed Forces?

NO! Although Officer Staff are members of the CAF, Cadets are NOT members of the CAF.  There is no obligation to join the military during or after your career as a cadet.  The Cadet program educates on career opportunities within the CAF but do not “push” or “pressure” Cadets towards that path. Cadets are Cadets – no strings attached.

Q – What is the Time Commitment?

We require a minimum commitment of 3 hours a week (Attendance at Regular Training Nights).  Cadets are encouraged to participate in Teams/Activities offered outside of Regular Training, however that is not mandatory.  If there are special circumstances which limit attendance, talk to Staff to make arrangements. (Failure to maintain attendance or prolonged undeclared absence will result in a Cadet becoming Struck off Service – Taken off roll)

Q – What Teams or Activities are there?

Range (Air Rifle Marksmanship)Team, Biathlon Team, Debate Team, Effective Speaking Team, Drill Team, Band, Ground School (virtual).  (If great interest is shown in a new activity/team it may be considered for creation)

Q – Can I get my Pilots License for FREE?

YES!  The Air Cadet program offers National Courses for obtaining a Glider Pilot’s License by granting a scholarship to attend a Regional gliding Center over the summer; and National Courses for obtaining a Private Pilot’s License by granting a scholarship to attend a Regional Flight Center.  These are the most competitive courses in the Cadet program and almost always require participation in activities outside of Regular Training Nights.

Q – Does the Cadet Program offer an International Exchange?

YES! Senior Cadets can apply for International Exchange during the summer.

If your question wasn’t answered above, come in during a Regular Training Night!  You can also send us a Tweet @779AirCadets